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Who We Are

Catheter Precision Inc. is driven by a steadfast commitment to revolutionize patient care by empowering physicians through cutting-edge technology.

Our mission is to develop and deliver solutions that enhance patient outcomes and provide hospitals and physicians with the tools they need to continuously push the standard of care. By collaborating closely with physicians, we strive to pioneer groundbreaking technology, ensuring that our products have a meaningful impact on patient lives.

With decades of collective experience in bringing cutting-edge medical devices to market, our team is well versed in providing world class customer service and clinical expertise to meet evolving healthcare needs. We are dedicated to producing cost-effective, user-friendly, and technologically advanced innovations, ensuring that physicians have the confidence and support they need to deliver exceptional patient care.


Initially founded in 2007 as Catheter Robotics by David Jenkins, the company focused on robotics in the electrophysiology space. In 2017, VIVO™, a non-invasive 3D imaging system, was added to the product portfolio, successfully expanding the company’s product offerings beyond robotics and became Catheter Precision.

Since 2017, Catheter Precision has expanded globally and continues to expand its product offerings. Most recently, the LockeT suture retention device was added to the portfolio enabling Catheter Precision to develop new relationships and product offerings outside electrophysiology.

Our Values

To realize our mission, Catheter Precision adheres to the following values:

  • Employees: We strive to provide employees with a personal growth and development to reach their full potential enabling their personal satisfaction, advancement opportunities, and to share in the company’s success.
  • Research and Development: We strive to provide world-class solutions and products to physicians, patients, and hospitals by conducting clinical research and continuous product development with the input of industry partners.
  • Customer Service: We strive to provide the highest level of customer support, while maintaining quality products and services.