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LockeT is a suture retention device intended for wound healing by distributing suture tension over a larger area in the patient in conjunction with a figure of eight suture closure to temporarily secure sutures.

What they’re saying

We are tremendously excited to bring our LockeT product to market. It addresses, in a very cost-effective manner, the marketplace for all percutaneous procedures, including cardiac electrophysiology, structural heart, and numerous vascular surgery procedures. In sum, it is a market with millions of procedures to which we believe LockeT applies. We are keenly interested in the early adaption and growth of this new product line.

-David Jenkins, Executive Chairman of RMED

This is a user and patient friendly, low-cost, disruptive technology that will make vascular closure a lot simpler. We have highly anticipated the introduction of this product and it will have significant uptake very quickly. I believe vascular interventions could use such a tool all across the world and we will start putting it to use once it becomes available. The low cost and the simple design of this product is exactly what was needed.

-Dhanunjaya (DJ) Lakkireddy, MD, Executive Director of the Kansas City Heart Rhythm Institute and Professor of Medicine at the University of Missouri, Columbia