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View Into Ventricular Onset

The new standard for patient-specific planning of ventricular arrhythmias ablations

Enhance Procedural Efficiency for Ventricular Arrhythmias with Patient Specific Solutions.

Through sophisticated algorithms VIVO™ seamlessly integrate ECG morphology and patient specificity utilizing the inverse solution to localize ventricular arrhythmias. Achieve pinpoint accuracy, enabling precise localization among endocardial, epicardial, septal, and intracardiac structures.

VIVO™ is the Partner of Choice for premature ventricular contraction and ventricular tachycardia cases.

Precise Ventricular Insight

99.5% accurate in ventricular onset localization

Maximize Efficiency

27% shorter procedure time

Streamline Workflow

Know Endo vs Epi, Left vs Right pre-procedure

Patient Specific Inputs

Localize multiple arrhythmia morphologies pre or intra procedure

How Does It Work?

VIVO™ uses standard clinical inputs and proprietary algorithms to create patient-specific anatomy, provide a 3D image of the heart with a superimposed activation map, and accurately identify the earliest onset of the arrhythmia.

3In clinical trials, VIVO™ was shown to be 100% (95% CI: 93.6%, 100%) accurate in identifying a PVC or VT foci in the right, left, or septal region of the heart.

Step 1
Step 1

A CT or MRI is used to create a patient specific model of the heart and torso

Step 2
Step 2

The VIVO™ 3D camera is used to identify the exact placement of the 12 lead ECG electrodes on the patient’s torso

Step 3
Step 3

A standard 12 lead ECG recording is uploaded into VIVO™ and the arrhythmia is identified and selected

Step 4
Step 4

The outputs of steps 1-3 are combined and analysed using proprietary algorithms to determine the origin of the arrythmia. The origin is displayed on the patient specific model in red

System Components

The VIVO™ software comes loaded on a Laptop PC and includes the 3D camera and required accessories.

Single Use

Positioning Patches are placed on the patient’s torso to aid in optimal 3D photograph outcomes.


Case Studies


Indications For Use

VIVO™ is intended for acquisition, analysis, display and storage of cardiac electrophysiological data and maps for analysis by a physician.

VIVO™ is intended to be used as a pre-procedure planning tool for patients with structurally normal hearts undergoing ablation treatment for idiopathic ventricular arrhythmias.